Sunday, July 29, 2012

Another Relaxing Weekend

It's Sunday night and Nick and I are just relaxing and watching the Olympics. Another relaxing weekend, just the two of us. This past week was pretty eventful so I was happy to just chill out. Last Friday we went to the Frape, a little local watering hole that Nick has become obsessed with. He loves to try new beers and Peter the owner is an awesome 'ol guy'. Nick always orders cheese with mustard and Bitterbolen. The atmosphere is pretty cool but after the weekend, usually by Monday evening, Nick starts talking about going again and by the time Friday arrives he can barely contain his excitement. For those who know Nick you know that super excited means he says in a relaxed voice with a big smile - I am looking forward to going to the Frape. He doesn't really get super excited the way I do.
This past Friday we went with friends - Imre, Silvie, JW, Ben and Mandy. Nick tried the Dark Damn Nation and LOVED it! His other favorite beer is the Black Albert. I really think it's largely because of the names that Nick orders these beers. On Saturday we went to our friends Richard and Laura's wedding party. It was a great evening and I was sorry we had to leave early so I could teach the next morning.
This week was an emotional one with one of my closest friends, Laura, heading home to Canada on Thursday :( I sure will miss her! Good news is I will be heading home for a visit in two weeks and maybe I will see her when I'm there. I am really looking forward to my visit. I haven't seen my dad in over a year. Time sure has passed quickly. I am looking forward to seeing my mom, dad, sisters Char and Leigh, my nephews, my friends and their BABIES... so many babies...there is a lot to do. I hope I am able to fit it all in and still find some time to relax.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ladies of Leisure Living Large

My friend Laura has recently wrapped up her post doctoral fellowship at the University and we regularly joke about being "ladies of leisure". Laura has kept herself  busy with planning her wedding, her move back to Canada at the end of the month and writing her book. She is preparing to go back to school in the fall to the Naturopathic College in Toronto. She is so smart - she will be a Dr, Dr when she is done :) and more importantly she is awesome because she is going after her dreams.
I keep myself busy as well - teaching, studying, writing, cooking and yes taking care of Pumpkin, Gizmo and Maggie. We joke but on more then one occasion I have caught myself making comments about not doing anything or enough, not contributing to the world and my job being a stay at home mom for our cats. I catch myself under valuing my contribution to the world. Shame on me!
Since I've moved to the Netherlands something is different. Obviously my surroundings, but also something within me. I don't know what it is exactly but something in me has changed. I can't quite put my finger on it but I have noticed I have a harder time opening up to people. A harder time sharing my thoughts. It's almost like an uncomfortable feeling of heartbreak that I don't want to burden others with or perhaps, on a sub-conscious level I think that if I share it, it makes this whole thing real. Am I grieving the death of my former workaholic self, an identity I strived so hard to achieve, or is it the fear that my previous life was as good as it was going to get?!?!?! I call bull-shit on that!
Of course I share my thoughts, concerns and questions with Nick but not so freely with others. I'm getting brave and I have decided to share it with you. I'm doing a whole lot more observing and am reluctant to jump into things as I would have so easily in the past. Maybe this is me growing up and choosing to spend my time on things that I truly love as opposed to having my schedule reflect a more, is better philosophy. Maybe this is me protecting my heart. Fate stepped in and forced this change upon me: be it fate, destiny, a higher power...change came. After much reflection, I think this is a positive thing. I am more protective of myself, my time and my focus on doing and being the best at the things I really love. Honoring my authentic self! Whatever it is, it's different. With challenges come change and this is definitely a change I was not expecting
Today, I made a list of my goals for the upcoming year and I am really excited about pursuing my dream of becoming an Osteopath. I will be working part time and teaching classes which will be the perfect balance for my study schedule. Without the universe stepping in and relocating us here I don't know if I would have made the change on my own. Focusing on these goals is so important to achieving what I want. Keep your dreams big and your beliefs in your dreams even bigger. A wise person once said;

There are two kinds of people:  Those who say, “I will believe it when I see it.” And those who say,“To see it, I know I must believe it.”  
    Ladies of Leisure Living Large in Ireland :)