Friday, January 20, 2012

Lunges for a Quarter Mile

"Back in 82' I could throw a pigskin a quarter mile."

Well if you can throw a pigskin a quarter mile why not do lunges for a quarter mile. Eight sets of twenty to be exact!!! Another week in Switzerland for school. What can I say, life is tough!!! At school our classes start at 8:30am and we finish at 6pm. We get 90-minutes for lunch but it takes that much time for them to serve us lunch here. We really savour every bite :) Things are done at a much more leisurely pace then what I am accustomed to. This makes for a very long day with very little movement. As a movement junkie this leaves me in a state of with drawl. I have to move! So I have tried to get creative with my exercise. With a start time of 8:30am it is dark when we start and at 6pm it is still dark as if day never even happend. I have run in the morning with a bike light but realized this wasn't the safest option. I have done aerobics, pilates, body weight exercises and yoga in my room. I have done some long walks with class mates and this morning I thought to myself...I wonder if I can do lunges from the front door of the school all the way to the lake. I decided I would do 20 lunges and then walk for 20-steps. By the third set of 20 lunges my legs were burning, I was sweating and I wasn't even half way! When I arrived at the lake I was so proud of my accomplishment. I lunged for a quarter of a mile :) I got a funny look from the post man and the dog that lives in the barn, I call him Brian. On my walk I found a spot in the village to do pull-ups... there is a trellis with a bench that makes it the perfect height and grip width...we'll see how many I can do tonight! I imagine people will think I look really strange hanging from a trellis in the middle of town :)

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