Sunday, January 29, 2012

Can you have too many friends???

"Some of us are lucky enough to be born with sisters and some of us just had to find our own" Anonymous

I think a friendship between girlfriends is special. One of my favorite quotes from Sex and the City was "Maybe our girlfriends can be our soul mates and men can just be people we have fun with". I am lucky enough to have two wonderful sisters and a mother who I can call my friends. I feel comfortable to share everything with them and I hope they feel the same way about me. They say you can choose your friends but you can't choose your family. I feel blessed to be able to say if I had the choice I would have chosen them :)
I have some amazing groups of girlfriends at home in Canada. My grade school and high school girlfriends," the core" as we call ourselves, have been a close knit group of "sisters" for the majority of our lives. The core has been there to support me through all the major events in my life and I have been there for them; heart breaks, parties, boys, school, marriage and now babies. No mom, I'm not pregnant! They've been there for it all! I know in my heart that these friendships are my forever friendships. After a year living across the world I know that as soon as we come together it will be as if we never skipped a beat. My University girlfriends - we B. ROCK'n - are amazing! Strong, confident, intelligent and beautiful women. Man, we've come a long way since DeQew residence! Again, these are forever and for always friends. We took for granted that we got to spend so much time together during our four year degrees and have just now started to put more effort into getting together. I love our girls weekends :) Throughout my post University days I became a workaholic. I'm not proud of this but I am able to acknowledge my mistakes and have made the necessary changes to ensure I do not return to my workaholic ways :) Even with my addiction to work many special people came into my life and left footprints on my heart. I feel like these friendships were ones I was blessed to have because these friends made the effort. I believe in surrounding yourself with people who inspire, motivate and challenge you and these people definitely did that for me.
When I came to the Netherlands I expected to meet many new people but the number of meaningful relationships that i have developed here have been a wonderful surprise. I really believe that the reason I have been able to develop these friendships is because I have time. I have time to be genuinely interested in other people. I go for coffee, I do girls nights, I stay after my fitness classes to talk to the participants. When people talk to me I don't have a million other thoughts in my head and I can just be in the moment. People are awesome! Not all people, some people kind of suck but many people are great if you give them the chance to show themselves to you. So in response to my title, I don't think you can ever have too many friends. Friends will come in and out of your life but if you are able to be present when they need you and they make you a better person then I think the more the merrier. Different friends make you a better person in different ways so let the diversity of your friendships enrich your life and the friendship that you are able to provide to others enrich theirs.


  1. Great read! Made me reflect on my friendshiphs, those I still have and those that have ended. All people come into your life for a purpose. Such a positive outlook, no wonder you have so many friends :)

  2. Great post friend - and I cldn't agree more! Friendships come in different shapes and sizes and whether it's for a reason, a season or forever each teaches us something about ourselves and this adventure we call life. Miss you Lan xo