Sunday, February 5, 2012

Alana Harris - International Health and Fitness Presenter

Today I fulfilled a lifelong dream! International presenter...check that one off the bucket list :)
Over the years I have come to love sharing my passion for sharing health and fitness related information with others. I love teaching and I love talking about exercise and health so when UM Sport asked me if I would prepare two continuing education workshops for the staff I jumped at the opportunity. Today I taught a workshop on "Running Mechanics - Developing Your Coaching Eye" and a "Mind, Body, Spirit" workshop. I really enjoyed doing the research and thinking about the topics creatively. The Running Mechanics workshop was well received and the group seemed to really appreciate the information that I shared. I did a brief presentation of related theory; the gait cycle, 7 zones to focus your trainers eye, 10 characteristics of efficient running form and I took them through skills and drills to develop efficient running mechanics.
I really enjoyed putting together the Mind, Body, Spirit workshop and thinking outside the box. I had the opportunity to reflect on my own beliefs and values around Sport and Exercise. I changed the title to empower the MIND, train the BODY, awaken the SPIRIT and my approach was that it is a message and not a mode. I think a lot of people get caught up in thinking about Yoga when they hear the topic Mind, Body, Spirit. I think the focus should be on connecting the Mind, Body, Spirit through positive motivational cues, affirmations, visualization, imagery and self love in your classes and coaching. We did an exercise to connect the breath with movement, an introduction to meditation and a biofeedback exercise. I wasn't sure how people would respond but I received a lot of positive feedback. It was a wonderful day and I felt honored to be given the opportunity. Thank you UM Sport!

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