Thursday, February 23, 2012

Switzerland...again :)

I just arrived in Switzerland for my course on the Upper Extremity and Lymphatics. Another fun filled 5-days in Herstenstein. I got up at 3:30am this morning to make the shuttle to the airport and after walking for 3-days in Paris I'm really feeling all this traveling. I am beat! Not complaining and nothing a good nights sleep can't fix but I was passing out hard on the train. I was lucky I got to spend most of the day on Wednesday at home getting things in order so I could leave again so I got some much needed quality time with my furry babies. I am missing them already. I usually don't start to miss them until I've been here for 3-days but I guess I didn't get caught up on my kitty time after Paris.
Did I mention I miss Nick too???? I do!
Laura was amazing and took care of them for us while we were in Paris. They love their Auntie Laura. She was even so kind as to do a photo shoot and here are a few of the spectacular shots that she got. Pumpkin looks like she just finished dinner and is tidying up. Maggie has the cleanest face she has ever had in her entire life...what's your secret Laura??? Also note the animal doll Nick got for them at the grocery store. When I introduced it to them they were deathly afraid and after one evening with Nick it is now their favorite toy. Gizmo looks like she is screaming "I want my mother" or maybe that's just what I need to believe. Thanks for taking great care of the babies Laura!!!

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  1. <3 them!!

    I will share my eye cleaning secrets when you return :-)