Monday, June 25, 2012

MIA...Ibiza, Visitors, Anniversary and Birthday...

The last month has been busy to say the least. I was busy and I was all up in my brain trying to figure things out. Sorry that I have been MIA. Did you miss me?????
My sister Leigh came to visit to keep me company while Nick was in San Francisco for our 1-year anniversary :( We really should have chosen a different weekend to get married because ACSM is always going to conflict and I know who wins that war every time. I understood that he had to be there and he spoiled me to make up for it. I got a sweet ipad with a pink cover!!! He knows me well.
It was wonderful to spend time with Leigh and she made my anniversary more then special. Thank you, thank you thank you doll!!!!! She came to Maastricht and we spent two days visiting with Nick, touring the city, going for runs and hanging out with my friends.

I am so lucky to have had my mom and sister Charlotte come visit and then Leigh. The ladies in my life are too good to me :)

It was Sunday when Nick left for San Francisco for his conference and Leigh and I spent the day hanging out and then caught the train to the Amsterdam airport. Our flight from Amsterdam to Barcelona was easy but we had a 13-hour wait over until we flew to Ibiza in the morning. Being the wild women that we are we decided to take a shuttle to La Rambla and pull an all night'r; eating tapas, drinking beer and dancing the night away, before our early morning flight. What a crazy night!!! Leigh is a party machine. Needless to say when we arrived in Ibiza we didn't need much convincing to slip into our bathing suits and sleep for the afternoon by the pool. I realized right away that this was a place where the culture is for women to tan topless. I never realized how shy I was about this. I am very comfortable with the human body and am not offended by others but exposing my chest was just not going to happen. I thought about how liberating this could be but never gathered the gumption to go for it. These bad boys have never seen the sun and I wasn't about to start now. Ibiza was beautiful and our hotel, Ibiza Corso, was spectacular. Not in the same was as some of the lush tropical vacation spots I've been to but in an arid and authentic/ lived in kind of way. There was a fantastic DJ who would come and spin by the pool in the afternoon and it was perfection.
We had a wonderful three days of lounging by the pool, walking the beach, exploring old Ibiza, marathon hikes, crazy workouts, amazing food and LIO! LIO was the coolest restaurant/ bar that I have ever been to. This place was better then all of Vegas. The food was AMAZING and the atmosphere was like nothing I have ever experienced. There was a cabaret show throughout the evening and the people watching was insane. These could not have been real people. If you go to Ibiza I cannot stress more how much you need to go to this place. AMAZE-balls!!!!!! Leigh and I celebrated my 1-year anniversary at a quaint little authentic italian trattoria on the water with a glass of champagne and a delicious dessert. I missed Nick with all my heart but felt very lucky to have a sister who came across the world to spend it with me :) We spent one night in Amsterdam where we stayed at the Pulitzer and had a room service picnic watching the Matrix. Not what we had planned but it turned out to be perfect. That bed was unreal and the couple next door sounded like they really enjoyed it as well ;)
After our trip, lots of deep sister talks and five days of total relaxation I came home to settle back in for a few days before Nick came home. When Nick arrived home we had some serious discussions about the future and we finally came to the decision that I would be staying here with him. I contacted my boss, Debbie, at McMaster to let her know I would not be back in August. It was a really tough decision but I felt as though a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I shed a few tears but then tried to smile because it was amazing while it lasted. There is nothing left to do but move forward now and not look back. Scary!!!! I mean EXCITING!!!!
To top it all off I celebrated my 31st Birthday on June 19th. I'm getting old...but man I look good :) ahahhaha

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