Friday, October 7, 2011

Hooting with the Owls

So an Irish girl, a Greek girl and two Canadian girls walk in to a bar......
Last night I went out for a girls night with some new friends in Maastricht. I was really excited to go out for an evening and Nick has been teasing me for days about being a party animal. There is something magical about the bond between women and I've been missing my girlfriends. We are new friends but the conversation was fun and easy. Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with Nick and we talk about everything, but girls just GET it!
We got dressed up and met at my new Irish friend Mandy's house where we shared a glass of wine and got to know more about each other and what each of us is up to. Mandy's boyfriend Ben poured our drinks and quickly retreated to the bedroom. All of our significant others were very intrigued by our girls night and wondered what we were going to do. There was even the suggestion that we were going to have pillow fights. Oh boys! We decided that the details of our girls nights would remain top secret. When asked about the girls nights we have decided to say "It was awesome" and "Sorry, no details, girls code". Keep them guessing :)
We went out to a local cocktail bar and had Cosmos, very Sex in the City. We are all Xpat's and share the common bond of being in a new place. Conversation focused around our new challenges and adventures in Maastricht and then quickly turned to some high quality girl talk. I was home by 11:30pm, crazy I know, what can I say, I'm a real party animal! I arrived home feeling happy and excited for our next girls night which is already in the works. This morning when I woke up to teach my morning fitness class I was tired and Nick teased that "If I'm going to hoot with the owls I need to be able to soar with the eagles". He has all kinds of these wonderful sayings :) I'm sure you can sense that I say this dripping with sarcasm.

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  1. I really like your blog. And the Burd. Annnnnnd his words of wisdom. And you, Harri. Annnnnnd I know what you do at those lady-fests: blind spandex bum inspections. Secret is out!