Wednesday, October 5, 2011

If you're in it for the money, you're in it for the wrong reason

Today I have spent the majority of my day trying to memorize choreography for a class I am teaching tonight. Being a good fitness instructor is so much more challenging then I ever thought. I am teaching 10-classes a week at this point and working really hard at it. Instructors are paid for the hour that they teach and if they are lucky a few extra hours for prep time. Today alone I put 6-hours into preparing for a pre-choreographed class. Memorizing someone else's class :( I like to teach my own stuff but this is a good learning experience. Right away, it's very clear, you can see that teaching isn't about the money. Personally, I am trying to develop myself as an instructor in order to be able to better equip my staff of instructors in Canada as well as to generate new ideas for classes that we aren't currently offering. I'm also interested to see how these businesses are set up for my long term goals of having my own therapeutic fitness and wellness centre. But what motivates other instructors to put in the long hours? As an instructor, after class, you usually have one or two people come up to say thank you or to let you know that they enjoyed the class. Is it the praise that we are after? There are so many other things that we can receive praise for. This can't be it. My supervisor at UM sport was a dancer and singer in her youth and loves the stage. She said that is how she came to be an instructor. So is it a craving for the lime light? But it's such a small stage. This can't be it either. Is it to make sure they get in their own workout? Lots of instructors teach to get that scheduled hour for their own fitness but all the effort to prepare doesn't end up saving you time. Personally, I think it has to be a combination of many things to get you started and keep you going. A passion for sharing a love of health and fitness is a big first priority. Secondly, a love of math. What you say??? Yes! fitness instructing is math because it is choreographed to music which is broken down into 8 counts and 32 count combinations. The best fitness instructors have musicality, rhythm and a brain for equations. I have never been great at math so one of my goals this year is to improve this in myself. Making sure my combinations are well planned and mathematically correct. Timing is everything "they" say and in a fitness class "they" are so right. You have to count your participants in on the last 8-count in order to move your group seamlessly into their next move. So this is my second goal, to improve my timing. I think the foundation has been laid and it's time to take my instructing to the next level. I'm working on my math and my timing! I'm definitely not in it for the money :) Did I mention how lucky I am to have the financial support, well support period, of my amazing husband. He's my biggest fan!

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