Saturday, September 10, 2011

Go blow your horn somewhere else

Today I was scheduled to teach a spin class at UM sport. When I woke up this morning I was still sore and a bit tired from the two classes I had taught the night before and was not looking forward to another one with so little recovery. Luckily, I had one of those classes that once you start, everything just falls in to place and it feels great. I had a wonderful time with my class and they gave me the motivation I needed to work hard. I also received some great feedback and the participants said they would be back for more next Saturday. So it looks like we have a date :)

After riding home, a quick snack and a shower, Nick and I spent a beautiful day exploring our city. It was a sunny 28-degrees today so Nick and I went for a walk to an antique market that is open down by the train station, only a 15-min walk. We checked out the wooden shoes and hunted for some delft pottery, stopped at the grocery store and ventured home for some lunch. There were numerous brass bands playing
throughout the streets of Maastricht. What fun! After lunch we decided to check out the church next door, it has been converted into a museum. The bands were still out playing, still fun but the loud music was starting to get to me a bit....sooo loud. The museum holds all the historic records for Maastricht and is set up like a library that you can sit down and view them. It also houses some beautiful pieces of art and stone carvings. After our visit to the church we decided to go for a hike up St Pieters hill. An action packed day! We checked out the fort that sits on the hill where they have "midget golf". The sign says "midget golf" I think they mean miniature, it could actually be for midgets, and the look out over the valley is breath taking from up there. After the 2-hour hike instead of going out to dinner we made an awesome meal together at home and sat out on our balcony.
The horns were still wailing away and at this point the musicians have had numerous pints throughout the day and the inebriated squeek and squack of the horns is really getting to me. As we sit down to eat FINALLY they stop. Ahhhhh sweet silence. What a relaxing way to spend a Saturday. Just me, the Nickster and Maggie, Pumpkin & Gizmo of course :)

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