Thursday, September 1, 2011

Heerlijk Preuvenemint

Nick and I took our usual evening walk to stretch our legs and explore the city on Thursday night. We made our way to the city centre and to check out "the party street" to see what people were up to. The "party street" is a string of pubs on one street that serves drinks after 1pm. In Maastricht the club scene is non-existent, which is fine by me. I think it's funny that we call it the party street.
Beautiful white lights were strung across the square and illuminated the historic city centre. Vrijthof Square, was alive with people laughing, live music and local cuisine and drink. More so then usual. The annual food festival Preuvenemint was this past weekend and it was going to be our first of many festivals held in Maastricht. Nick and I took a quick tour through because we had plans to attend on Saturday night with a group of people from the University. On the large stage, a permanent main stage in the shape of a gazebo in the centre of the square, there was a spanish musical group and food stations were set up all across the square. People mingled, danced and indulged in amazing local food. The food stations were more like mini-restaurants and clubs with seating and lighting. Nick and I sat on a patio across the street and enjoyed a coffee and people watched. Everyone was dressed to the nine's. I've realized my lulu's just aren't going to cut it for our evening walks :)
On Saturday, Nick's lab mate Henrika and her husband invited us to a party at their house with plans to go out to the festival following. We had a great time meeting new people, Henrika's dog Marly was awesome and they had wonderful food and drinks. When asked what the Canadian cocktail was I said Molson Canadian. No one knew what that was except Nick and his Canadian lab mate Naomi. I also asked if they had tried ice wine and they were very interested in that. When we stepped out the door to head to the square we realized it was pouring rain. Nick and I decided to head home because of the weather. We walked through the festival again on Sunday and have plans to attend a music festival this weekend. Yeah festivals!

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