Sunday, August 21, 2011

Do I really need that???

When Nick and I decided to sell our home and move to the Netherlands the task of packing and down sizing was mostly left to me as Nick had to leave to start his contract a month prior to my departure. I never considered myself to be a material girl but I definitely recognize that I have an appreciation for some of the finer things. My girls know what I'm talking about ;) Did I mention have at least 12 pairs of designer jeans? Growing up, we didn't have extra money for designer clothes or fancy things and when I was in University I was proud of how frugal I could be living on my student budget. In fact I remember my dad saying "You are tighter with your money then bark on a tree", that's not a bad thing is it? When I got my full time job I really started to accumulate things because I could finally afford some of the things I had always wanted.
When I went through my closet and downsized my LARGE wardrobe for my year away it was liberating, difficult but liberating. Giving away all my worldly possessions was cleansing to my soul, scary but cleansing. The tv, my furniture, my car... symbols of achievement and success??? Isn't it strange how we attach ourselves to the things we have and how self worth can so easily be linked to the purchase of a home, a car, a designer purse.
Today Nick and I took the train to Roermond to visit the Designer Outlet Malls. There were beautiful shops filled with beautiful things and I found myself picking things up not because I needed them but because they were such a "good deal". I am happy to say I came home empty handed because I really thought about what I need versus what I want. Nick and I want to see as many things as we can while we are here and spending on material things will limit what we can spend on travel. We did talk about going back because I will need a warmer winter jacket but I'm happy that I didn't make any spur of the moment purchases. This sounds like a moment of enlightenment to me!!! Tomorrow we are headed to immigration to get my BSN number that will allow me to start work. Fingers crossed it goes smoothly. I'm excited to start teaching and working :)

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