Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Everything is coming up Harris!

I know it's silly but after two weeks in Maastricht I was beginning to question if I was ever going to be gainfully employed. The purpose of this year is not to work but I love what I do and I have been missing it. We average 60,000 thoughts a day and 75% are negative! I have been working on breaking down and restructuring negative self talk and enforcing what I want with mantras. I swear they work! I learned this in my yoga training and I really believe that your words and thoughts are key to you creating the life you want. I took the Myers-Briggs assessment and I am a ENTJ and the characteristics, areas for growth and strengths listed are so true. If you haven't tried it you should. It's pretty neat. One of the defining characteristics of ENTJ is being excessively critical of oneself and at times struggle with self doubt. I deal with these things frequently but have found positive self talk and thoughtful analysis of my self talk to be very helpful. Isn't it crazy how quickly you can start to question yourself and your abilities. Just when self doubt starts to creep in yesterday everything started to come up Harris! The mantras are working. I signed my contract at UM sport to teach 6-classes per week but I get the feeling that once I prove myself there will be other opportunities. In fact they have asked if I am willing to put some Continuing Education together for the staff :) I gave acupuncture and a massage to one of the fitness instructors and she has asked to become a regular patient. I had an interview last night at a studio called Zenden and have been hired to teach a yoga class followed by a pilates class on Monday evenings and this morning the Osteopathy clinic that I have been in touch with invited me in for a meeting on Sept 2nd. I would love this opportunity! To treat a day or two a week or even to volunteer. All together I have committed to 8 hours of teaching per week and if I can get 8-hours of volunteer/ employment at the Osteopathy Clinic I think that will be enough. I will need the rest of my time to prepare for my 3rd year exams. I've heard that they are grueling but I am working hard and using my mantras and am sure success is on the horizon. I'm heading out for a yoga class now and am really excited for tonight. Nick comes home :)

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