Friday, August 5, 2011

Well I'm what???

Well, they say home is where the heart is and mine is in Maastricht, Netherlands.
2011 has been the craziest year of my life and it's only half over. Let me set the scene with a quick/ not so quick run down of the events of 2011; working full time as the health and fitness coordinator at a Canadian University, Massage Therapist by night, teacher on the weekend, student of Osteopathy once a month - for the next 5-years, daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend is offered a post doc in the Netherlands - boyfriend asks me to marry him - say thank you and then yes! Sell my house in 28-hours, Get married - May 28th - Best Day of my Life, turn the BIG 30! take a one year leave of absence from my great job, pack 3 bags of clothes - get onto a plane with my two cats and move across the world to Maastricht, Netherlands to join my husband of one month. Wow, that was intense! Now what??? I've been living my life at a speed of 500 mph and I just slowed down to 0 mph. I feel excited, scared, overwhelmed, underwhelmed, rested, lazy...I was moving so fast I didn't really have time to feel and now that I've had a moment to sit they are hitting me like a ton of bricks. I have decided that during my year away from the crazy life that I have created I am going to discover who I really am, what life is about and what it is I want out of this life...a short order I know. I will call this year of adventure, 365-days of self-discovery - A Canadian Girl in Maastricht. Some days will be eventful, profound, enlightening (I hope) and some days not so much. I do promise one thing. The blog will never be boring - because "only boring people get bored" Elizabeth Taylor, and I am definitely not one of those.


  1. Hi Alana- Nick sent me the link. Shall live vicariously thru yr adventures. You have a great blogging style. Is that bookstore a cathedral??