Monday, August 8, 2011

I Gelato you!

Last Sunday I discovered Gelato. This was a magical moment on my Dutch adventures. Yes, I know it's Italian. I have had a version of it in Canada but that couldn't hold a candle to this. It is ice cream on steroids! It has all the creamy deliciousness of ice cream but without the fake/ preservative taste. They put real fruit in it! There is an authentic Gelato bar just steps from my door and after the first tasting it has been calling, shouting, screaming my name! In fact my husband loves me so much that he was willing to trudge through the rain on Saturday night to get me my fix. Mmmmm G-E-L-A-T-O.... anything this tasty must be bad for me so after another Gelato run last night...that's third in a week I have decided it is for special occasions only! Nick is so sweet trying to justify my excessive consumption of Gelato. Nothing says I love you like Gelato :)
This morning I got up and made my usual walk to the market to get our food for the next few days. I picked up some fresh fruit and some beautiful flowers, yellow fuji mums. Fresh flowers are very affordable here, only 2 euros, as they are the largest export of the Netherlands. Everyone seems to pick up flowers with their regular groceries and it is a common site to see someone riding their bike holding on to their groceries in one hand and a bundle of flowers in the other. They are machines on their bikes. I have also seen mothers riding their bikes with groceries and two children strapped on. Tomorrow I am going to make a visit to a very popular bookstore. The picture I've posted is of the inside. It's called Selexyz and it's Maastricht's version of Chapters. Like Gelato being ice cream on steroids, this is Chapters on steroids.

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